7 Signs a Loved One May Need Dementia Care in DFW

dementia care in dfw

When you do not regularly live with your elderly loved ones, you may not pick up on their medical needs right away. However, even during occasional get-togethers, there are a few signs you can look out for that may indicate they need dementia care in DFW. 

If you notice your loved ones experiencing obvious signs of cognitive decline, sometimes, these may be the normal effects of aging. But other times, this noticeable decline is an indication of more severe ailments, such as dementia. It is important to make sure you do seek medical attention for your loved one when you see signs of possible dementia. The sooner they get help the safer and healthier they will be. 

Here are 7 possible signs of dementia to look out for. 

Scorched pans

When you come over, your normally vibrant and alert parent or grandparent may seem different. If you notice there are scorched pans in the sink, this can be a very dangerous sign. Scorched pans may mean that your parent or grandparent is forgetting about the food they are cooking. This is very dangerous as it can lead to a fire.  Reduced cognition is a big sign to look out for that may indicate that your parent needs dementia care in DFW

Missed medications

Many older Americans have to take daily medications for various reasons. Has your loved one begun to miss their regular medication dosage? This is a risk to their health and well-being as missing a dosage of a medication can lead to a serious medical episode. Getting them dementia care in DFW can help to alleviate the stress of wondering whether they took their medications on time. 

Repeated questions

We love sharing stories with our loved ones, but have you noticed your loved one sharing the same story over and over. Do they ask the same question over and over even though it has already been answered? Do not get frustrated with them as this can be a sign of forgetfulness. This may mean that dementia or Alzheimer’s is oncoming. They may need dementia care in DFW at this point to help them.  

Speaking at higher volumes or at abnormal frequencies

Dementia can sometimes change the behavior of your loved one. They may also become disinterested in things that brought them joy. You may also notice them withdrawing from social situations. They may be speaking louder because they want to be heard. And other times, they may grow unusually reticent. A significant change in their manner of communication may indicate cognitive decline.

Irrational purchases

Your loved one may be the most financially responsible person who rarely makes extravagant purchases. If you notice they have begun to make purchases that are unlike themselves or bills are becoming past due, this is a sign they may need help. 

Empty refrigerator

Having no food in the refrigerator can be a sign that they are having a hard time with grocery shopping. If you notice that the food that is in the refrigerator is spoiled or rotten, this can be a sign that they are having a hard time cleaning. Help them out where you can, and always have patience. 

Confusion and disorientation

This is often one of the first signs that a loved one may have dementia. This can lead to dangerous situations. Among those signs mentioned on our list, this is one of the strongest indicators it’s time to find dementia care in DFW. 

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