Taking care of others is only possible if you are well-adjusted. The task of being a primary or secondary caregiver requires a lot of self-sacrifices. It demands you to give up on your interests, so you can truly look after the people who are closest to you. However, the only way to take care of others- and be good at it, is to take care of yourself first.

The global pandemic of coronavirus has given you the unexpected break, which you deserve. With a relatively free schedule, you are provided with the time to truly care for yourself, as well as your loved ones. Therefore, in the fourteen days of quarantine, you must invest your time in self-care. Here are seven things you can do in self-isolation.

1. Start Each Day With Yoga

Yoga relieves the mind and the body from toxic energy. It creates a pathway for all the negativity to escape through. Performing yoga, first thing in the morning, can enable your body to get rid of stress. Exercises like Yoga facilitates relaxation by working in three different domains- the mind, the body, and the breathing. Regularly engaging in the act can help you get rid of anxiety, improve your sleep patterns, and help you tone the physical body. Moreover, yoga further enables you to stay relaxed, focused, and calm. Therefore, by performing yoga every morning for fourteen days, you can feel at peace throughout the day.

During quarantine, you can practice yoga by watching beginners yoga tutorials on video streaming platforms, such as YouTube. As these videos come with in-depth instructions, you can follow them to a T, and feel an instant stress relief!

2. Clean the House

Cleaning the house may seem like work, but it is one of the most relaxing activities in the world. Organizing the house is literally like organizing your mind. When you get rid of the clutter and the dirt that frustrates you, you allow your body to become free of all the disarray and confusion. There have been many pieces of research that have found a link between cleaning and stress relief. Therefore, in the fourteen days of quarantine, you can revamp the different rooms of your house. Your cleaning spree can include:

  • Cleaning and organizing the garage
  • Cleaning and organizing your closet
  • Renovating your living space
  • Renovating your bedroom
  • Upgrading your furniture using DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques
  • Painting a feature wall
  • Re-arranging the things in your kitchen
3. Video Chat with Friends and Family

The quarantine can be a lonely time. Even if you are surrounded by family, you can still feel isolated if you are not communicating with the people you converse with every day. Therefore, to maintain a healthy state of mind, you can schedule video chats with your support group. During these conversation sessions, you must talk about your feelings, fears, and causes of stress. This way, you can empower yourself to deal with negative emotions in a healthy manner.

Talking about your feelings is one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. This is because when you speak about your fears out loud, in a nurturing environment, you can relieve yourself of the burden of keeping your emotions bottled up. It is important to remember that your feelings are a form of energy, and according to The First Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, it can only be transferred. Considering this, it is crucial to transfer the negative energy out from the body and into a safe environment. 

4. Have a Virtual Movie Night

Quarantine should not restrict you from having a good time. To do this, you can schedule a virtual movie night with your friends and family. To make this work, you can start the online streaming of one of your favorite movies through platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Netflix party. At home, each of you can cuddle up with some blankets, popcorn, and a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate, and communicate with each other through text or video chat. While a virtual movie night may not be as fun as a regular movie night, it can still take your mind off of the stressful situations in your life.

5. Treat Yourself with Online Shopping

You’ve earned you the right to spend some of your hard-earned money on yourself, as well as your loved ones. When you are bored during the fourteen days of quarantine, explore some of the best products featured on the online shopping websites. You can buy clothes, gadgets, shoes, or even kitchen supplies. Whatever makes you happy, buy it! Of course, do this in moderation.

6. Work on Your Mental Wellbeing

As stated earlier, quarantine can be a lonely and stressful time. Getting your daily routine interrupted can negatively affect your mental health. Considering this, it is essential to spend the quarantine period to work on your mental health. One way to do this is by engaging in mindful meditation. Meditation can help you in the personal, social, professional, and academic domains of your life. Additionally, meditation further improves the quality of your sleep and releases you from feeling stressed and anxious. As the act facilitates mindfulness and self-awareness, it enables you to introspect and plan your life goals efficiently and effectively. There are many beginner meditation guides, so give it a try!

7. Learn a New Skill

The fourteen days of quarantine are the perfect time to explore your hobbies. You can take this period to discover your passions or any activity that provokes you to reveal your creative side. Learning a new skill can include: 

  • Culinary skills
  • Body painting skills
  • Canvas painting skills
  • Makeup
  • Learning a new language
  • Taking an online course
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Baking

Fourteen days in quarantine can mess up a healthy state of mind if you do not care for yourself. So, hire professional caregiving services for the senior citizens living at home, and invest your time in self-care. This way, you can enjoy the company of your loved ones, without feeling stressed or anxious!

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