After retiring from their jobs and fulfilling almost everything in their lives, seniors tend to have a lot of spare time. Generally, watching a new show is a great way to have a homecare resting activity, especially after a busy activity. So, if you have seniors living at your place, your home health caregiver can make sure they get their daily dose of entertainment. Netflix is one of the best solutions for your needs.

That being said, picking the right TV show isn’t easy for seniors. The senior age bracket often has different tastes for movies and shows. Continue reading this guide to learn about some of the best shows for seniors, all available on Netflix.


Some shows are good for any age group. This can be said for the great British baking show, which contains amazing suspense, keeping you hooked about which desserts or savory items will win. Moreover, for anyone watching from the US, they can learn about several dishes that aren’t common in this region. The tips and guidelines the judges and contestants share in the show can be a great source of learning for any viewer.

The best part about this show is how it differs from the typical cooking shows. The contestants are usually very cooperative with each other and they are surprisingly sad to see their counterparts getting eliminated, which is something pretty unique about this show.


Seniors are typically more interested in science and documentary shows. The season “our planet” on Netflix is a documentary series that has won multiple Emmy awards. All the episodes, in the season, are about unique types of the landscape around the globe.

Many seniors want to watch something peaceful, informative yet interesting and this show will help them enjoy learning about nature while watching the vast variety of wildlife from around the world.


This comedy is about the story of two senior women who meet each other and become really good friends after facing similar hardships throughout their lives. Their relationship is shown to be very complicated, and the two main characters have done an amazing job of making their audience laugh out loud throughout the whole show.


Who wouldn’t want to know about the royal life of the famous Queen Elizabeth II? This historical drama depicts the life of the Queen from the 1940s until today. Seniors would definitely love to watch some of the major events that happened since the 1940s, including wars, political events, and all the decisions the Queen took in her reign. With dramatic scenes and stunning imagery and costumes, it captivates the audience while involving them in the plot.


There’s literally no one who wouldn’t enjoy watching this show. As one of the best classic game shows, it allows seniors to use their knowledge while listening to the familiar voice of Alex Trebec, who will be greatly missed. According to Mustafa Husain, MD, director of the geriatric psychiatry division at Duke University School of Medicine, mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise. Therefore, watching trivia can be beneficial to memory by testing critical thinking and recall skills.

All episodes of the show are 20 minutes long for those with a short attention span or needing a break.


The Netflix original, The Final Table is another cooking competition show based in America but brings contestants from around the world. This show allows the viewer to see a diverse difference in dishes across the globe. Chefs are to compete by making culinary dishes in the early stages of the game, and it proceeds further, these chefs battle it out individually to become the single winner. While this show is a competition, it does not indulge in disrespect or unprofessional drama.

Unlike the Great British Baking show, this show is more about fine dining and showing international dishes. Seniors can enjoy learning about different cultures with brilliant cuisines from different regions of the world!


Since seniors using home healthcare often need to lighten up their mood, this comedy show might just be a true gem. An award winning drama, “The Good Place” won many acclaimed awards from 2017-2020, including PrimeTime Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards. The plot of this show is funny, philosophical and entertaining with an interesting plot. The incredible acting of Ted Danza and Kristen Bell will surely be a great source of joy for seniors.


Seniors will most certainly get addicted to this great drama because it is a show of compassion, humor and colorful drama. The setting of this show is of the 1950s and centers on a midwife, Jenny, who is a nurse that is unknowingly sent to a convent instead of a small hospital. The nuns provide the best possible care for the poorest of families. Since Netflix has eight seasons of this show, your home health caregiver, will be able to get the senior hooked for a long, lasting entertainment. Any person who watches this show will feel attached to the characters as the storyline progresses.

With advancing technology, it is now very convenient to find ways to entertain yourself. Your seniors can surely enjoy most of their day watching Netflix.

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