Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Our caregivers are experienced in accommodating memory-related challenges for our clients to offer safe and reliable care, right at home.

How We Provide Memory Care

While new research on Alzheimer's and dementia care continues to develop, our care team is ready to assist our clients and their needs.
The first step is discussing your loved one's specific needs and condition with one of our care leaders. We will discuss ways to effectively cater to their needs and prevent wandering, stimulate engaging conversation, and provide support for your family.

We offer 24/7 care to fully support your loved one and offer the best quality of life.

My Nurse Family Home Care

Comfort At Home

Having a routine schedule and familiar environment can benefit your loved one facing memory challenges. We monitor our clients to help lower the risk of wandering and make sure they're safe. We find fun ways to engage their brain, like painting pictures and coloring inside adult coloring books.

My Nurse Family Home Care

Respite Care for Families

Are you taking off work to make sure mom and dad are taking their medications in the morning? We are here to help! Having a loved one with Alzheimer's/dementia is not the end of the world! Our caregivers can provide full support while you're at work, so you don't have to stress. Caregiver burnout is common when a family member is acting as the primary caregiver. We offer short-term and long-term professional help to give you peace of mind, so you can get back to your schedule.

My Nurse Family Home Care

How to Deal with Alzheimer's & Dementia

Remember, this disease can be frustrating for the individual with the memory-related challenges. Many of our clients were once entrepreneurs, doctors, and teachers! It is important to be patient and understanding. There are many support groups throughout the DFW area. Reach out to one of our care leaders to learn more about available resources.


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