Many times in life, people come across illnesses or mishaps that cause them to end up in a hospital. Though they do get discharged at one point, they still need professional care afterward. For that, one can look up the local solution on the internet like skilled nursing or home health options. Here are some of the leading causes of hospital readmission.

1 Hastiness in Discharging:

One of the top causes of early re-admission in a hospital is the hastiness put into the initial discharge time. Sometimes, even against the doctor’s best recommendations, the relatives and loved ones of the patient or the patient themselves insist on leaving the hospital and returning to the comfort of their home. However, what many of them fail to realize is that for the condition they are suffering from. The professional care of a hospital is what they need more than the comfort of their home. The hospital officials can better provide them with the necessary care and attention that their condition requires. Due to this, shortly they have to return to the hospital once again because of their condition destabilizing again. If the patient must leave the hospital, they should at least go to a reliable care home agency. That is in order to get some options about post-care. They should consult the best in their area, like a skilled nursing home health in Arlington. This is crucial for them to get the care they need.

2 Not Following the Required Measurements:

In Eric Erickson’s stages of psychosocial development, the last stage features a conflict of Ego Integrity versus Despair. This stage starts after the age of 65 and compels the individual to ruminate over their life accomplishments. If the person is satisfied with their successes, they would develop ego-integrity. With this they can benefit from the virtue of providing wisdom to young individuals. However, if they fail to be satisfied with their accomplishments, they can develop depression and feelings of hopelessness. Due to these feelings, senior citizens often exhibit a negative attitude. These attributes mostly consisting of frustrations, complaints, and interference in the lives of their family members.

In haste to leave the hospital and convince themselves that they are back to normal and good health. Many patients often tend to ignore or deny the necessary measures that they need to take after getting discharged from the hospital. Some need certain medication while others may need to be prevented from particular kinds of food. It’s necessary to follow these instructions. If instructions like these are not followed with the utmost care and at the proper time, it can cause major harm to the patient. This can lead them to the return of the illness for which they were earlier admitted into the hospital. This may even require that they be admitted into the hospital once again. Therefore, it is not only good but crucially important to keenly follow the instructions given by the doctor after the patient has been discharged from the hospital.

3 Improper Diet and Medications:

Whether one is ill or not, whether they are admitted into a hospital or are located in their home, a healthy and well-balanced diet is of utmost importance in daily life. When people are admitted into a hospital due to whatever the reason may be, especially in case of an illness that has affected their insides and overall health. According to Scientific American, when we get an infection, our immune system raises the body’s temperature to fight the illness. When the body temperature increases that also increases metabolism which results in more calories burned. Therefore it is important to intake more nutritious food while ill. It is also crucial to drink water. An illness dehydrates your system, replacing fluids super necessary for your body to fight off illnesses.

Diet is not the most important thing needed to be taken care of, it’s staying Diets have to be modified per the requirements of the body’s condition. It has been observed as a common case that some of these people, after getting discharged from the hospital and going home, do not pay attention to their dietary requirements which can seriously mess up their insides and cause them to face the hospital one more time. Furthermore, the medication should be strictly focused upon even after leaving the hospital, if the doctor so advises. In the case that medication is not focused upon, the illness returns, and probably in a worse state.

4 Return of Ailment:

Now this one may not be the patient’s or their attendant’s fault. Even after proper medication, diet, exercise, and all the instructions given by the doctor followed down to a T, re-admission into the hospital is sometimes inevitable. Some illnesses reach the point of being terminal and have taken up strong roots inside the patient’s body, like a tumor. In such cases of recurring illness, it becomes unavoidable that the patient has to return to be admitted into the hospital for further extensive treatment. If they have got any luck, the return to the hospital might work for them.

5 Mismanagement in Care:

This is the leading cause for hospital re-admission, if not the top. Many people tend to ignore and neglect the fact that even though they have been discharged from the hospital. As they are discharged just now their health tends to be in a sensitive state for the beginning few days. From the food to eat to the amount of work they take, the kind of exercise they do to the atmosphere they are in, all these factors should be handled with ultimate care to make sure that their recent recovery from the illness persists for a good while and does not make them fall back into the previous state. To ensure, the person should be taken proper care of, round the clock.

More often than not, the recovery process is tricky to monitor and leads the discharged patient to return to the hospital soon after. They should get professional help, like a skilled nursing home health or home care in Arlington, to ensure their return to good health.

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