Companionship Services

Having a companion can go a long way. Feeling lonely is one of the main causes of depression. At My Nurse Family, we want to provide you with a companion that can help accomplish your daily tasks, while building friendship on the way.

Companionship Services

Our care plans are catered to your specific needs and interests. We can help you maintain your independence and stay in a comfortable environment. Our caregivers can cook delicious meals that provide the nutrition you need, and we can accommodate special diets. Don't feel like vacuuming? No worries, we'll handle the cleaning! Having a companion to help with daily chores and meals can go a long way. We want to help ease the burden of tasks that are becoming more difficult and give families a break.

My Nurse Family Home Care

our companionship services:

  • My Nurse Family Home CareMeal Prep
  • My Nurse Family Home CareLight Housekeeping
  • My Nurse Family Home CareTransportation
  • My Nurse Family Home CareOversight
  • My Nurse Family Home CareRespite Care
  • My Nurse Family Home CareMedication Reminder
My Nurse Family Home Care

At Home

Having a caregiver can allow your loved one to be more engaged and active. It can also help reduce the feeling of isolation and depression while providing friendship, oversight, and fall prevention. We can help provide nutritious meals, keep your home clean, and assist with other activities of daily living. Life is more enjoyable with a friend!

My Nurse Family Home Care

Staying Active

We cover it all. Need a ride to the doctor or grocery store? No problem! Our caregivers are here to help you with your daily appointments. One of the best ways to feel refreshed is to go for a walk outside! We encourage exercise if possible, and we are here to engage your loved ones and keep them as active as possible.

My Nurse Family Home Care

Hobbies and Interests

It's important to find a hobby that you enjoy doing. We can help you think outside the box-- to help you find something to do that you'll love! It can be as simple as reading a book, watching your favorite TV show on Monday together, or even attending a water aerobics class! Our caregivers can find ways to incorporate your interests and hobbies into your daily routine.


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