Homecare DFW: Here’s Why You Should Choose My Nurse Family

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There is a long list of homecare companies Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer but there is no one like My Nurse Family. Our name says it all, we are your nurses but also your family. Not only do we help you with your needs but we also want to give you a reason to smile and be a shoulder to cry on. We are veteran-owned and managed. From the start, our goal was to keep seniors in their homes while being able to provide them with the home care services they need. We were named the number one home care provider in Arlington by the Arlington Today magazine and we offer a variety of services. 

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Homecare in DFW requires that there be licenses, bonds, and insurance. This gives you the peace of mind that you are being taken care of by the very best. All of our staff have the appropriate training, education, and licenses required for their roles. Our facility and staff are covered under our insurance policy, if anything were to happen. 

Medical staffing

The medical staff is of the highest importance to your care and day-to-day life. We go through a rigorous process before bringing someone into the family. We want the most compassionate and qualified staff around. We conduct background checks and offer additional training. All licenses and certifications must be up to date and they are checked to ensure accuracy. 

Individualized care

We understand that your circumstances are unique and although we have standard services, we also make individualized plans. This means we will look at your condition and needs and put together a team that can make you feel comfortable. We also take into consideration potential future needs to ensure your loved one continues to receive the care they need if their needs change. 

Family portals

Technology has advanced and My Nurse Family did not fall behind. We offer the convenience of a family portal. This means you can look at any care notes left about your loved one. You can also see what caregivers they interacted with each day and their weekly schedule. This is a layer of additional communication that not all homecare DFW facilities offer. You will always be in the know when it comes to your loved one. 

Open 24/7

On the more practical end, we have around-the-clock staff. That means all shifts will be covered even when someone calls in sick. We have made sure to cover all of our bases. We also have a registered nurse at our office seven days a week. This offers peace of mind knowing there is always someone there looking out for the patients. We also offer easy billing options like auto-pay. We do work with some insurances but also have other options.. 

My Nurse Family is Here to Help

Although many of our patients are seniors, we can provide care for anyone who needs care and support. This can be children, people with disabilities, expecting mothers, and more. My Nurse Family is your go-to homecare DFW facility. Do not wait any longer and call (817) 500-5914 to schedule a free consultation

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