How to adapt your summer plans for COVID-19 (Senior Edition)

Covid-19 has really dampened the world and its inhabitants seriously, putting a tedious stop in everyday activities and plans. No one is quite sure when things will go back to “normal,” but the world is no longer on full lockdown. People are stepping out more, meeting each other more, but all of that is encouraged with strict safety only. However, even though the rest of the world is resuming its operations, there is still a certain degree of risk for senior citizens.

The summer season is already hard enough for the senior population. Their bodies are not equipped to handle the extreme heat. Therefore, you must be wondering how to maintain the summer plans to entertain your loved one during the summer season, while social distancing and prioritizing safety. We developed a guide to adapt your summer plans in accordance with the COVID-19 situation.

When you’re planning an outing this summer or hosting a fun activity, make sure to ask yourselves these questions first and see if you tick all the boxes. Whether you are taking care of a loved one or providing them with home care services in Arlington, you must take all the protective measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Safety Checklist

#1 Is It Necessary?

Though the authorities are telling us to not go out unless necessary, safe outings are still allowed. On a surface level, recreational activities may not seem too necessary, but they can be for mental health purposes. Take a walk around the neighborhood or local park. It might not be “vacation,” but it’s still important to get outside for your health. We suggest early mornings or later in the afternoon, in order to avoid heat.

#2 How Many People Are Going To Be There?

Since the whole Coronavirus situation has made crowds a dangerous thing due to the risk of catching and passing on the virus, you must take into account the number of people that are going to be there. If it’s a large number, reconsider your plans or up your safety measures. Remember, wearing a face mask and maintaining six feet between people should be prioritized.

#3 What Type Of Gathering Is It?

Yes, it really matters. If it’s an open-space gathering with a large number of people, like on the beach, then stepping out could be risky. Open atmospheres are more likely to carry the virus with large crowds. As seniors are more prone to the virus, it is imperative to keep them away from large gatherings of people.

#4 Where Do You Plan To Hang Out?

As stated earlier, the location really matters. Space and atmosphere play a significant role in the gathering’s safety, as a big number of people in open space tend to increase the risk level. Traveling on busy subways or airplanes can be risky, so consider this when making travel plans with mom and dad.

#5 Are You Taking All Safety Measures?

Sanitizer? Mask? Gloves? Tissue papers? All check? Then you’re good to go. As long as you’re keeping up with the safety, you’re doing your part. We suggest limiting travel and planning a vacation locally! This can help prevent the spread of the virus and minimize the risk of being in large crowds.

As long as you are taking all the safety measures, you can take the next step and find COVID-friendly activities for your loved ones to enjoy. Here are a few activities that you can host for your loved ones.

Summer Activities

Virtual Field Trip

One of the most exciting parts of the summers is going out on tours. However, due to COVID-19, you can host a virtual field trip for your loved ones by taking advantage of the online touring options made available to you. With virtual field trips, you can go everywhere in the world. For senior citizens, going to museums around the world can be entertaining. Check out our blog post “5 fun things seniors can do during self isolation” for links to museums and live zoo cams!

Social Distancing Entertainment

In these trying times, social distancing is extremely important. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time. You can still bring in a caregiver to provide home care for your loved one. This is a great option for companionship and to provide mom and dad with a qualified professional to help with meals, housekeeping, and game nights! You can also choose to bring in a guest. However, in doing so, you must make sure that the arrangement for the guest’s performance is made in the backyard, while the seniors are seated inside the building. This way, the regulations for social distancing can be enforced, without you having to compromise on the fun.

In-Door Theatres

Another form of entertainment can be in-door theaters. If you are taking care of a loved one during the summer, you can host a movie night by creating a social distancing-friendly in-door theatre. For this purpose, you can invite all their friends, set up a large TV Screen, lay down some snacks, and create a comfortable seating area (with a six-feet distance of course!) to watch the movie.


Reading aloud in groups is also a fun way to spend the summer. If you are taking care of a senior citizen, you can invite all their friends for weekly reading sessions via Facetime, ZOOM, or even in person. In this scenario, you can play an audiobook, or you can read aloud to the audience. In case you are inviting others to the story sessions, you must make sure that all your guests are wearing face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). You can also make it necessary for everyone to sit at a six feet distance to ensure the safety of everyone present.

Develop interest in gardening

Another fun summer activity is gardening. If you can’t go out, you can bring the plants inside. For the seniors living at home,  you can buy them plants that they can take care of. If you do not have the space for a garden, you can purchase indoor plants that can be placed in the kitchen or near windows. Taking care of natural life is an enjoyable and time-consuming activity. Once your loved ones develop an interest in gardening, they are guaranteed to have a good time all summer long!

Develop an interest in arts

Art is not only engaging, but it is also therapeutic. If your summer plans are affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, you can encourage your loved ones to develop an interest in different types of arts and crafts. These activities can include:

  • Painting on a canvas
  • Drawing on a canvas
  • Drawing with a stylus on a tablet
  • Adult coloring
  • Painting textiles

COVID-19 has affected every area of our lives. However, it is the high-risk citizens who have been deeply impacted by the virus.  Therefore, it is essential to provide them with maximal comfort and enjoyment, especially during this dark time. You can take the preceding safety measures into consideration and host social-distancing friendly activities to take their minds off of the pandemic.

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