The dream houses on Pinterest have one thing in common- They all radiate a bright and happy aura. A little bit of brightness can change the outlook of the entire room. A well-lit home tends to create an atmosphere that facilitates a happier and soothing state of mind.

If you are looking to brighten up your house, but are unsure about where to start, you can take advantage of the following tips.

Re-align your furniture

The placement of furniture can open up a room. If you own larger pieces of furniture, you can place them away from the windows and other sources of natural light. Additionally, you can rearrange your furniture to form clear boundary lines, within the room. For example, placing the couch away from the entryway can create segregation, which can further open up a room. Prior to moving any furniture, create a floor plan that revolves around the pathway of natural light.  This way, the room can permit the increasing flow of sunlight. We recommend putting lighter colored furniture near the natural light to illuminate that natural glow and soft tone!

Crafts for Paint your walls with a lighter color

The walls can either dim down the room or elevate the level of brightness.  If you are looking to create a brighter home, choosing a lighter shade is essential. You don’t necessarily have to choose white, but you can select similar shades, such as white with silver undertones, or white with yellow undertones. However, if you wish to make a statement with your paint, you can have one feature wall, with a darker shade. In doing so, make sure you select a soothing color, such as blue, light pink, or violet. At My Nurse Family, we’re a little biased towards pink and purple tones!

Choose lighter shades of furniture

Akin to the paint color, the theme of the entire room should feature lighter tones.  We recommend putting lighter colored furniture near the natural light to illuminate that natural glow and soft tone! However, as furniture pieces are susceptible to gathering dirt and stains, you can choose neutral colors, such as beige, lilac, light blue, and different shades of grey.

With that said, you do not have to buy brand new furniture, instead, you can brighten up your existing furniture pieces by throwing a lighter-colored fabric over it. For a couch, a mesh blanket and bright throw pillows can do the job, whereas, a bed can be brightened up with your choices of bed sheets. You don’t have to invest a ton of money for a home makeover. If you strategize proficiently, you can achieve an opulent look, with a limited budget.

Bring plants inside

Plants have become a new trend in interior design. Adding plants can brighten up any living space, and there are many apartment-friendly plant stands to optimize your space. You can add monsteras, birds of paradise, dracaena, and fiddle leaf figs in your living area and kitchen. Additionally, you can also meticulously place plants in darker spaces, such as a restroom, to brighten them up. As these areas have limited exposure to natural light, you can add a selection of plants that do not require much light for survival.

These include pothos, spider plants, and snake plants. Although, if you cannot trust yourself with taking care of live plants, you can always choose the faux options.

Hang a sheer curtain

As we discussed before, one of the best ways to brighten your house is to allow as much natural light in as you can. Although, keeping your windows open at all times can affect your privacy. To counter this issue, you can hang up light-colored sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are concocted with a fabric that enables the penetration of natural light while giving you complete privacy in your home.

Add mirrors everywhere

Mirrors in the house are not just for convenience or vanity, but they can reflect and bounce light to increase the brightness in the house. Placing mirrors in rooms with limited natural light can brighten up the entire space. It can also make the room look bigger. Choosing a full-length mirror is a better option, as it has a larger surface.  If you are worried about hiking up the cost, you can buy a mirror from a thrift store, at an affordable rate.

Invest in lamps

Lamps are a relatively better option for increasing brightness, in contrast to ceiling lights. Ceiling lights centralize the light energy so that it is equally distributed around the room. Therefore, the areas receiving restricted natural light tend to look even darker. With lamps, you can add brightness to darker areas, while simultaneously enhancing the design of the room.

Integrate metallic features in your design

Metallic features have the ability to reflect light. Similar to mirrors, metallic furniture and decoration pieces can increase the brightness of the room. To beautify this concept, you may integrate gold or silver accents to complement your house’s interior design. Even the smallest hints of metal can make a large difference. If you are on a budget, you can achieve this objective by spray painting plant pots, vases, mirror frames, and other decoration pieces with gold or silver metallic spray paint. This is the perfect quarantine activity to liven up the room!

Build an open shelving system

The first rule of interior design is to display visually striking items. However, the traditional shelves can take up chunks of space, and dim down the atmosphere of the room. Considering this, choosing an open and airy shelving system can brighten up the place while giving the illusion of the room being bigger than it actually is. One of the most popular trends right now is floating shelves, which will look great with your new plants!

Pick a bold rug

With bright walls and pastel furniture, your interior design can become a bit lackluster. In order to brighten up the aura, you can add a bold colored rug, which creates a striking contrast with the design. Depending on the design theme, your rug can be black, navy, dull green, or even gold.

Maintain a balance between shadow and highlight

While brightness is added through the lighter colors, it is enhanced with darker contrasts. Therefore, your design should be focused on accentuating the lighter shade with bolder contrast. You can do this by adding a pop of color in some of your design elements. For instance, adding bright decor pieces can help you achieve this objective.

All in all, brightening up a room is all about the interplay between your color story and contrasting features. You can simply bring in more natural light by improving your furniture layout, integrating reflecting surfaces in your design, adding plants and lamps, and playing with lighter colors! Give it a try and see how you like it!

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